Special Projects


Such project are managed jointly with the clients to ensure skills transfer and effectiveness. Mostly designed to internally capicicate and augument skills and capacity. Sometimes management and coordination of outsourced client services. Provide clear benefit to the wider disciplinary community in the form of new knowledge, developing or sharing of a resource, or good practice.

Capacity building and talent management and business innovation. We investigate and introduce new ideas,

We give executives new, multi-disciplinary tools for dealing with change, challenges and shaping future growth for their organisaition, ours is really to give organizations new perspective for cultivating growth .

Feasibility 01

Research & Analysis

Reports and recommendation Modelling, simulatin and assessements ​Concept development and approvals. Coordination and management at cold face jointly by Clients and Consultants Implementation process

Project Structure 02


Once off commissioning in response to a specific situation in the organisaiton In compliance to relevant sector commisioned. Designed with the legislative mandates inclusive or company policies and procedures.


Most implementation is done through integrated project structure especially in government Matrix design based on implementation strategy Centralised coordination Project costing phased according stages

Project Structure 02

Resource Allocation

Skills deployed according to skill retquiremens. Provide cost and effectiveness data for project costing. Project costs and personnel is subject to client approval prior project implementation.

Resource Utilisation

Resources are to be responsive and appropriate outcome indicators of the project. Changing and managing certain risk factors of the project. Contigencies

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